This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

Audio Repository

Welcome to the audio download section of the Braille 2000 with speech capability. On this page, you will find demos and an audio tutorial in single files and one large zip file.

Demos will be included as part of the tutorial as well as separate for those who want just demonstration material. We also will include audio for the transcribers section that will include how I worked with Braille 2000 up until today.

Downloading files

Most of the files are mp3's, an audio file format compatible for computers and phones. To download the files, hit shift+f10 or right click and select "save target as" or "save link as" and select your path for downloading. Your browser may save things in a default browser, check this out on your own. If you need assistance, contact Jared Rimer through our contact page and assistance will be given. For the zip file, you should be able to click the file or press enter and it should prompt to download. Mp3's will play within the browser when hitting enter or clicking.

Audio Tutorial

The audio tutorial is in 14 parts. An entire zip file including the demos will be provided within this set. Instructions are provided above on how to download the files. The file sizes will be provided within the link so you know how large the files are. The tutorial is numbered 001-014, the demos are 100-104 in the zipped set. The demos will be provided on this site separately should you want to download them individually.

Other demos within this list that are not specific to the Talking Edition are numbered 200 onward. Those files can be downloaded individually, no zip will be provided.

That completes the tutorial section!


For those who want copies of the demos separately, please find them below. They are files 100 onward.

This completes the demos.

Demos of Braille 2000 as a whole as I learned it

This section will contain files that are not part of the official tutorial. This section will contain files starting at 200. They will talk about Braille2000 in detail on how I learned it from before the Talking Edition, to concepts I've learned in later lessons. I've got stuff I can show that is separate that can demo some other aspects which will help the blind transcriber.

Interviews, B2K Podcasts and More

In this section, files begin in file 400. This will be podcasted material allowed to be hosted through this web site. It may include Interviews about B2K, podcasts where B2K is discussed, and more.


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