This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

The documents page

Welcome to the documents section of this web site. We'll provide BRF,, RTF, and DXB files for download of documentation relative to the talking edition of Braille2000. Please Note: you must be using version 2.274 or higher to take advantage of demoing or buying the talking edition of the software.

The RTF files are read with Wordpad or Microsoft Word. If you don't have Microsoft Word, and you'd rather not use Wordpad, which is built in to Windows, you can use Google Docs. Note by using Google's documents feature, you may not be able to use your read to end features of your screen reader to read the document.

To open Wordpad, please follow the steps outlined below:

No matter whether you use WordPad or Microsoft Word, press ctrl+o to open a file and find the RTF file you've saved from the below list. Keep in mind that browsers may have a default place for storing downloads, contact Jared or consult the documentation or option settings of your browser for assistance.

BRF files can be opened by all major braille transcription software such as Duxbury, PerkyDuck, braille blaster, or Braille2000. DXB files are native to Duxbury. Consult documentation for other products on how to open BRF or DXB files. For best performance, use the DXB version for duxbury not the BRF files as there may be issues with the layout of the BRF files when opening them with this program. It can open BRF files, but reports indicate that it doesn't do it well.

If you're having trouble downloading files, your browser may be opening them instead. There are two methods you can use:

I don't recommend the last option for most users, as it can be confusing where to go, and each browser is different. If you'd prefer, we can send the documentation to you via electronic attachment. Contact Jared for this service.


The following list will be the documents and the various formats. The first in the nested list will be the document (I.E. percent codes) and the sublist will contain the formats and the size of the file (I.E. PCT BRF 5kb). Each line item will be similar to the example shown within this paragraph.